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The love for the dance profession started as a young child. As Claudia's parents owned a dance and ballet school, she could prance before she could walk. So she did her first pirouettes at Dance and Ballet School Ria van Diffelen/DIFF Dancemasters.

After she had danced at her mother's school during her childhood years, she did preliminary training at Lucia Marthas's Dance Academy. In Secondary Modern School, Claudia spent her weekends at Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, from which she also successfully finished her education HVE Theatre Dance Jazz in 2005.

Her next experience was Wentink Event's Holland Show Ballet, in Hilversum! But, after she had been on stage night after night for three years, performing in several dinner shows and events, she decided to search for a new challenge!

After she had graduated from AALO Master Educations smashingly, she won the Presenter Award due to her graduation piece, and that is how Claudia found a new passion on this stage too. In 2006, she won Stepworld 2006. In 2007 she became Holland's new Rookie and then ended fifth at the Rookie of Europe competition in Copenhagen. Since then, her career has soared. By now, Claudia teaches at national and international conventions. She is an AALO Master Trainer herself (Step and Aerobics modules), and works for Club Joy's Dance Programme 'Club Dance'. Club Joy produces standardized group classes.

Claudia works in her Dance Centre daily, which she runs together with her parents and Michel Looye, her partner. ( Besides being a Dance School Manager, she also teaches at her school. She teaches several disciplines such as: Jazz dance, Musical dance, Hip hop, Cardio trainings and Ballroom dancing. Finally, DIFF regularly organizes events for both the dance and the fitness branch.
A description of some of Claudia's lessons:
Jazz dance: Her lessons are 'technical & fun'! During a technical workshop/lesson, she pays attention to a good warm-up. She also gives technical exercises as plies, tendus, leaping and turning and a fun and challenging choreography. The music style varies as Claudia's dance style is a mixture of Old School Jazz, Matt Maddox and a touch of femininity.

Urban Jazz: is a very popular style just now, and is also known as Street Jazz. It is a special fusion of Jazz dance and Hip hop. During these classes, Claudia usually mixes her Jazz dance style with lyrical Hip hop.

Aerobics: trendy house music, an energetic atmosphere, the choreography is methodically well-structured and the roof will be raised! Aerobics can be given in various styles: Old School, Dance and Latin. Finally, other instructors are allowed to steal her choreographies.

Step: Challenging choreographies & 'cool' house tracks! The energy is high during these classes, and they are a unique experience. Claudia's step lessons are known to be a mixture of dance skills and Old School step moves. She always adapts her choreography level to her students, so the choreography gives a good challenge for every level.

Are you curious about Claudia's classes or DIFF's events? You can keep an eye on her schedule via this website.

Would you also like Claudia to come and give an unforgettable dance or Step lesson at your club, convention or event? Click here for bookings.