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Hi, welcome to my site!
Claudia de Rijter is a dancer, an owner of a dance school, a choreographer and an AALO and Club Joy master trainer.

After graduating from Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, The Netherlands, Claudia performed with Wentink Event's Holland Show Ballet in Hilversum for years. As a dancer in Holland Show Ballet, she danced in several dinner shows, events and TV shows. In addition to this, she has obtained AALO master certificates in Aerobics and Step and has won various presenter awards in international talent scoutings. With that, Claudia fastly drew Nike Women's attention. Nike has since become her sponsor and their support helped cement her reputation as a top presenter.

Claudia gives workshops in Jazz dance, Urban jazz, Hilo and Step at national and international conventions. Last 3 years she has been to several countries; UK, China, Belgium, Denmark and Italy.
In Eastern Holland, Claudia has got a large dance centre: DIFF Dancemasters, together with her parents and her partner. There, they teach Puppy swing, Jazz dance, Classical ballet, Hip hop, Hip hop teams, Modern ballet, Musical theatre, Ballroom dancing ( Standard & Latin American), Zumba, Pilates and Step. They teach these disciplines on all levels and to all ages.
Just visit their website:

As a choreographer, Claudia has already made a lot of choreographies for her own Dance Centre. She has also made choreographies for large events, in collaboration with Lisa and Rachel from the Dutch X-Factor, Jan Vayne and Slagerij van Kampen, a Dutch percussion band. Next season, Claudia will create the choreography for The Snow Queen, a Musical, which will be performed in various Dutch theatres. In the past two years she also created the choreography for the musicals "Scrooge" & "De Kerstwens" (The Wish of Christmas).
Also is she one of the creatives of a dinnershow in a big theater in her home town.

Since the last three years, Claudia has worked as a master trainer at the very well-known AALO. There, she instructs Aerobics and Step.

She is a team member of Club Joy's Club Dance & Club Fiesta Programme. Club Joy is a producer of standardized group lessons. She has worked for Club Joy as performer since 2007, and also as choreographer since the beginning of 2009.